Retificio Ribola proposes an innovation on the market, new anti-jellyfish nets

Anti-jellyfish and anti-algae nets

MEDUSA PROTECT patented barrier

It is a patented anti-jellyfish net and it can be also a protective barrier against algae.

In these anti-jellyfish barriers the emerged part is composed by a dense network of blue or dark green fabric that envelops floating cylindrical shape with a diameter of 20 cm.

Even in situations of rought sea and strong wind these nets prevent the jellyfish to bypass the protective barrier.

In the upper part of the anti-jellyfish network is firmly sewn an immersed system of nets with a mesh of 10-15 mm, which allows the passage of current and flows marine, in order to reduce the friction of the barrier and reduce the trawl.

Thanks to the anti algae and jellyfish nets we will help to avoid many unpleasant events without damaging the marine fauna.

More information? Contact us!

More information? Contact us!

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